Board of Directors

President: Nellie Phillips

Nellie Phillips is the Records Supervisor at Bristol Bay Native Corporation, where she has managed the Records and Information Management (RIM) Program over the last 8 years.  The RIM Program includes the maintenance, access, protection, and disposition of corporate and subsidiaries records throughout the BBNC enterprise. Nellie serves as a board member for Oceanside Corporation, the ANCSA Village Corporation that represents the village of Perryville. Additionally, Nellie is the current President for the Alaska Chapter of the Association for Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) and is a Certified Records Manager (CRM).

Vice President: Randi Francis

Randi Francis is the Records and IT Analyst for Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) and its sister organization, Cook Inlet Lending Center (CILC). Randi has worked in the records and information management industry for over 10 years, with over five years of experience in the finance and housing development sector. Randi has been recognized for her abilities to implement and maintain a formal records management program, and it should be noted that she is the only member of the Records Department for CIHA/CILC. Randi is currently working on developing and implementing a records retention program for electronic records that will include electronic based workflows and approval processes in an effort to enhance business productivity and minimize the company’s carbon footprint. In her spare time, Randi likes to garden and spend time with her husband Shawn, daughter Clara, and the family dog, Lady- an Irish Wolfhound.

Treasurer: Natalie Tuday

Natalie Tuday, who is a SCR Records Technician, has worked with Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) since March 2016. Natalie specializes in BBNC shareholder records, specifically probate records. Prior to BBNC, she managed personnel files for her department at Peak Oilfield Service Company. Natalie has also previously worked for Acumen Information Services where she implemented and administered enterprise-wide document management systems that allow organizations to capture, maintain, collaborate, and destroy paper records. Natalie holds several certificates including Certified Records Management Emersion Training from Acumen Information Services, Inc., Leadership Certificate from ARMA, and NARA certificates in Vital Business Information, Electronic Records Management, and Basic Record Operations. Natalie is currently the Alaska Chapter of ARMA Treasurer, and she also serves on the State Historical Records Advisory Board.

Secretary: Lisa Andrus

Lisa Andrus has been employed as a Records Technician II at Bristol Bay Native Corporation since 2017. Prior to joining BBNC, Lisa worked as a Records Analyst for Acumen Information Services. During her time at Acumen, she specialized in the management of records for both Alaska Native Corporations as well as several oil and gas companies. She is passionate about applying her RM experience and expertise both within and for the state of Alaska and its people.

Director Seat A: Katriina Timm

Katriina Timm is the Records Lead at Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Prior to joining Alyeska, she was a consultant working on a variety of projects throughout Alaska as well as the lower 48. She graduated from Alaska Pacific University in 2006 with a Master of Science in Environmental Science and is both a Certified Records Manager as well as Certified Information Professional.

Director Seat B: Kate Schenker

Director Seat C: Lisa Bartgis

Lisa Bartgis is the Executive Assistant to the Mayor, City of Wasilla. She is the Records Coordinator for her office and was a previous member of the AAMC Records Management AD Hoc Committee 2016-2017. Ms. Bartgis has been Director D for the Alaska Chapter of ARMA since 2016 and holds a certificate in Retention Program Development. Prior to her employment with the City, Ms. Bartgis was employed with Mat-Su Title Insurance Agency; spearheading an archival project to convert paper documentation to electronic files for 3 companies..

Director Seat D: Rebecca Mujica-Matus

Rebecca Mujica-Matus is a Records Technician I for Bristol Bay Native Corporation.  Rebecca specializes in various areas of Records management including scanning, maintenance, security and quality control.  Rebecca has maintained medical records within large hospital settings with a focus on security and quality. I am pleased to be a Board member and will continue developing standards and assisting others in viewing record programs as being vital for today needs and the future.  When not at work, I spent time with my 6 children and husband as we like to teach our multi-cultural background from: fishing, cooking family recipes and telling stories!